Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After a hard night of partying the night before, the crew of Shape Up had a slower morning with a breakfast of French Toast today made by our chefs of the day, Layla and Trey. While the staff members were at a meeting, everyone else on board reviewed knots, parts of the boat, and everything else that they needed to be the most prepared for the sailing practical exam that we took today. As soon as we started sailing, everybody there knew that it was going to be rough. Both on the stomachs and the grit of the shipmates. Waves were very choppy, and the wind got up to twenty-four knots which gave everyone a very difficult experience as they were trying to get tested on their sailing skills. Around lunchtime, which was chicken wraps or sandwiches, the rain started to pick up, and most of the people on the ship started to feel the grasp of seasickness. The next few people on the helm, which included Quinn and Reed, had a harder time because about half of the crew was trying to keep their stomachs down. When all of us finally set down our anchor, it was at the tiny island of Sandy Spit. There we went swimming and snorkeling, including cleaning the bottom of our trusty dinghy Stitch, and had fun in the sand before we enjoyed a nice dinner of hot dogs and vegetables. Some shipmates (Quinn, Trey, Andrew, Reed) were whisked away to make up some scuba dives, and now Quinn is fully certified, and Trey, Andrew, and Reed are just one final dive away! After dinner, an emerging Shape Up tradition came around once again — the post-dinner dance party. A squall passed through, turning our dance party into a dance in the rain party, but when it passed, we saw arguably the coolest sky since we’ve been here. We celebrated the day and our practicals by watching Moana to finish off the day.