Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up at 6:45 in the morning, and we ate open-faced egg sandwiches. From 8 to 10, we got to hang out with each other while Box, Stich, and Kris went to a staff meeting. After we cleaned the boat, we got started on our practical sailing exams, which took more effort for some than others. We did things like tacking and jibing and man overboard drills. Each person had a turn on the helm, and each person got to give everyone instructions on how to control the boat and the sails. As everyone was finishing up, the seas got very choppy, and a lot of us got seasick. We all took naps, and when we finally docked, most of us felt much better. Afterward, we all went swimming in the pretty water. The boys went free diving and took GoPro footage of a giant stingray over the boat, which was super awesome. Maren, Karina, and Brady went over to Liberty to finish up some diving. Later in the evening, after a yummy dinner of hotdogs (veggie burger for me), rice, and other things, we did a lifeworks forum. We got to share with each other some of our goals for our future. It was interesting to see everyone’s perspectives. Overall, today was a pretty great day, and although I am sad that we are going home soon, I am excited for tomorrow!