Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up anchored at Muskmelon Bay. Muskmelon is very pretty with high rocky cliffs surrounded by clear turquoise water. Once the shipmates finished eating breakfast we started our first rotation- skiing. We had chances to ski, wakeboard, slalom, and kneeboard. After skiing we went to our second rotation- diving. We dove about 40 feet today. During our dive we played with crabs, saw a stingray and lobster, and we also saw many colorful fish. After diving we watched a movie called Blue Planet: Seas of Life. While watching the movie all the shipmates learned about the killing of dolphins happening around the world. Even though learning about this issue was very sad, we can now tell others in order to prevent it from happening. Now we are motoring over to a white sandy beach and having a BBQ with all the other boats. We’re all looking forward to it!