Location: Marina Cay

Today was a great day. We woke up in Mountain Point to an idyllic view of rigid coastlines and tranquil waters. After breakfast, we embarked on our dinghy to go for our first open water dive. While diving, Elena, Evie, and I saw a sea turtle, which sparked excitement. Fabrizio and Andreas saw an eel.

Meanwhile, Cayden, Boris, Sarah, and Leo saw a sea spider. Once our dive concluded, we returned to our boat and enjoyed jumps off a rope swing. The rope swing was attached to the boom. Our friends on Bavastro joined us as we plunged into the picturesque water. We listened to our playlist, recorded our epic rope swing attempts, and took in the views. This was my favorite part of the trip thus far. Next, we endured another sail training to practice our tacks and jibes. Cayden, Elena, and I became pros at manning the main sheet. Sarah and I attempted to tan in between sail maneuvers. I took the helm as we docked to get water. We ended our day just as perfectly as it began. Today felt like the pictures on the website, and all of us loved every moment of it. I’m not sure any day could get much better than this.