Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we started the day with a simple oatmeal breakfast and got underway to the Baths. The sky was still pretty overcast, but there was no rain and spirits amongst the crew were high. At the Baths, the boulders soared up into the air, and the water was incredibly blue and clear. Students ran in and out of the caves and climbed the huge rocks until they were tired and content. Then we got underway to Spanishtown, Virgin Gorda. We went ashore, ate burgers, talked to our parents, and bought souvenirs in the local shops. Then, after leaving the docks, Mitch taught us loads about sailing and boat terminology. We had some intense fun and learned so much. As the day closed, we enjoyed chili and a beautiful sunset and shared our experiences with a squeeze. Today was an amazing day.