Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up early to go to Spanish town, where we finally got cleared of COVID and could go to shore. We ate breakfast cereal on the way there because we had to go fast. When we got to the dock, we got our cellphones to call our parents for 30 minutes; then we got out of the boat to go to the town and eat and buy stuff. In the town,  the boys and I went to a coffee shop where we bought some goods. Later we went to a restaurant and ate some really nice and deserved burgers with fried. We had to leave at 10:10 so that we could later go to The Baths. The Baths were awesome, and we had a lot of fun climbing and jumping off rocks. We were there for 2 hours because we had to leave to go to Vixen Point. On the way there we ate some Mac and Cheese and sandwiches. We also sailed, and I took a nap, but we were still working. When we were already anchored and in Vixens Point, we took another dive lesson and another dive quiz. After we finished, we showered, and I, unfortunately, got stung by a jellyfish, but I was fine once they put some vinegar and all the stuff you need. Later we ate some veggie patties, baked beans, and mashed potatoes. The day then ended, and we all went to sleep.