Location: 37 20.806 N 020 12.904

The Argo crew has been sleeping soundly between watches since the perpetual hum of the engine has been silenced because we now have enough wind to power our sails. For breakfast this morning, we had some tasty muffins. Apart from that, those who participate in the Marine Biology course took their second exam today, which covered the topics of Mollusks, Annelids, Echinoderms, Crustaceans, Bony Fish, Jawless Fish, and the cartilaginous fish (rays, sharks, etc.) This marks 2/3 completion of that course (yay!). During sailing class, we watched another film on the man and the legend who is Irving Johnson. He is fearless, and I think that he is a role model for everyone on board. Apart from that, we are just enjoying being able to sail at a beam reach, averaging around 8 knots today. Although we just began the passage to Gibraltar, I am very excited to arrive thither.

We miss you so much Cha-Cha!!!

A special shoutout to my mom, dad, extended family, PS family, friends, and Nick.