Location: Marina Cay

We got a nice sleep-in of 8 AM, which was a nice treat after doing sail theory the night before. We tidied up the boat before coming together to have breakfast burritos in the cockpit. Yummy? Everyone did their part to make a speedy clean-up after breakfast, and then we were off! We sailed a good 7 hours at sea with many fun moments and great learning opportunities. Everyone had 1-2 turns at the helm, and with the help of Kris, we learned what to do and say when jibbing. Jibing is when we turn the stern (back of the boat) into the wind. Two rotating people got to control the mainsail (to make sure we didn’t crash the jib) while others grinned and eased the jib sheets. We finally made it to the marina, where we filled up our water tanks and then motored over to a spot to spend the night. We showered (definitely not scared of all the sea wasp jellyfish) and had a warm dinner of tortellini and garlic bread. We saw a gorgeous sunset as we listened to a motivational speech from Jim Tuman. Lights out for Sea Senora after a special treat of promiscuous brownies (brownies with cookies baked on top).