Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today started with yummy french toast cooked by Evan after a sleep-in till 7:30. While we were eating breakfast, the staff had a meeting, and the rest of the boat cleaned up and just chilled for a while. After the staff meeting, the three DMs hustled to another boat to lead dives for the Dive side boats. All three DMs made it back to the boat with no problem and saw sharks! While the DMs were doing their dives, the Vega students took their practical sailing exam, and everyone passed! The DMs had a long, fun day boat hopping, but when they were on their way home back to breakaway, their dingy died, and they had to paddle the boat in manually. Liam and Evan made an awesome dinner of Beans and Franks that everyone ate and enjoyed. It was a long and fun day but worth all the energy!