Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up and had to start our day without our counselors Gary, Ali, and Shona. For breakfast, the two chefs Sloane and Lauren, made an oversized batch of pancakes. We then cleaned the whole boat while we waited for the counselors to get back from the all-staff meeting – they were shocked to see the spotless boat and mountain of pancakes waiting for their return. We then went on our way to the second shore day of our trip to Trellis Bay. We got there at around noon and had 2 hours to spend on the Island. Everyone split ways and found restaurants of their choice to eat lunch at. After lunch, we made our way back to the boat and began practicing man overboard drills using a buoy as the target to pick up. After a long time that we found our new spot to anchor for the night. We all showered and had a chili and rice dinner. After dinner, we put away our clean laundry and had a dance party that could be heard across the anchorage, making all the other boats jealous. As a reward for our cleaning, we had a movie night, though, after an eventful day, most people fell asleep as soon as we dimmed the lights to watch it.