Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was a really exciting day. We started off with a French toast made perfectly by Ellie and Johnny. After everyone had about six pieces each, we picked up anchor to begin a very unique sail. Today was our sail practical day, where we all took our sailing tests on the water. Our written tests will be soon. The tests consisted of each person manning the helm, leading the crew through raising the jib, tacking, jibing, and completing a man overboard drill. Though a few people, including me, were nervous about the tests beforehand, we all passed! It was a really successful morning of sailing that everyone was happy about. Each crew member had to do different jobs to make sure our knowledge was universal. After the tests, we happily had lunch of chicken wraps. We then practiced some racing tacks for the race tomorrow. Rob eagerly took the helm to start the day off. It was incredibly fun to see the crew work quickly and efficiently in the racing situations. We definitely learned a lot since day one. We then spent some time on a beautiful small beach and enjoyed the cool water. Ellie and Morgan then prepared an epic bowl of rice, beans, and meat meal that the crew and staff quickly devoured. Overall it was an incredibly fun and successful day.