Location: West End, Tortola

Ahoy mates, today is day 20, AKA our last real day. Our morning started with an easy wake-up and fresh-faced, after last night’s face mask and Robbie’s eye masks. After a quick team meeting and race day game plan, Wind Shadow started off in the lead. Rob took the helm, Johnny was on the main sheet, Kenny had the jib, and Robbie subbed in when the boys got tired. The rest of us sang songs, chanted in our red, white, and blue paint, and move from port to starboard helping hold weight. Wind Shadow repped black PFDs and came in third in our race. Following, I grabbed as many snacks as possible, including our boat’s new favorite snack: gummy octopuses. Next was cleanup and boy did our boat clean every inch and crack, we also had shore time where our ocean legs oddly touched land, and we even got to chat with Mike! Following was an awesome 4th of July ActionQuest style barbecue where lots of laughs and last moments watching the BVI sunset happened. To anyone reading, I want you to know how amazing our Vega Wind Shadow crew is. Through the trip our group has become a big family, laughing often, talking too much, always singing, sometimes napping, continuing our BCD chats, eager for any adventure, and providing support to one another. Three weeks have come fast through our sailing journey, but I can assure you each individual has grown and become a stronger, better person and I hope you get the chance to meet this new crew, who are so powerful that they might just inspire you. That’s all for now from your skipper of the day, welcome home your new mates with a big hooray!