Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had to wake up super early. But we went and got our day four covid tests which means we’ll be out of quarantine soon. We docked in Road Town for the testing at Peebles hospital, and the town was really colorful. Then we sailed back to Savannah Bay which took three hours. During the sail, since it was Sams birthday, we listened to the music of his choice. Once we got to Savannah, we were able to go free diving and swimming around the boat. We spotted two tarpons and a barracuda and got some cool videos of them. After that, we did ocean showers. Shower time was fun today; we all put shampoo on and dove off the side of the boat to wash off. Luke, our captain, gave a sailing lecture about the ins and outs of sailing. Proceeding the lecture, we celebrated Sams birthday and ate delicious cake!