Location: Marina Cay

The first thing that the girls did this morning was yoga on the hardtop. After their yoga session, we began to serve breakfast, which was cereal. During breakfast, we sadly said goodbye to one of our fellow shipmates Justin who had been feeling unwell. We hope he recovers soon. When Justin had departed, we started clean up with the little amount of water we had. We then lifted our anchor and set sail to Ginger Island. Once we arrived at Ginger island, we set up our dive gear and began our descent into the dive site called Alice in Wonderland. The depth of the dive was about 60ft with about 50-60 feet of clarity. Nearing the end of the dive, we had to find our way back to the boat after the staff led us to a random destination. When we found the boat about 10-15 minutes later, we surfaced and put our gear away. On the way to Marina Cay, we started pumping our empty scuba tanks. After one round of tanks, our compressor had a little hiccup with its filter, which has been fixed now. During our motor to Marina Cay, we began to make quesadillas. Once we arrived, we waited for a spot on the dock to fill up our water tanks. When the water tanks were filled, we motored over to Trellis Bay where we had time to call our parents, shop for some T-shirts, and pick up some snacks from the grocery store. Arriving back on the boat at about 4:30 we put our snacks away then motored back to Marina Cay, started to cook dinner and began our salt-water showers. Today for dinner, we made tortellini and garlic bread. When dinner was ready, we began devouring some actually toasted garlic bread. After dinner, we started our clean up process, and when that was complete, we had a small amount of downtime before getting mentally prepared for our lifeworks talk tonight.