Location: Underway from Nevis to Antigua

Some say that there’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of pancakes, and I would agree. After waking 6:30, our crew enjoyed some delicious chocolate pancakes and started setting up our boat for an exciting day of sailing. While waiting for Sam and Andy to come back from their quick trip to the customs office on Nevis, we decided to have a dance party. It was very entertaining to watch Charter dougied, and all the other boats around us were jealous of our skills. We had a bit of a rocky start since I wasn’t quite experienced with sailing. However, with all our knowledge put together, we were able to set off. Shifts were set up as half of the crew slept, while the other half kept watch. This continued for around thirteen hours. At about 1:00 am, we reached the unique dock of Antigua. It was surrounded by a fort and lit all around. I would say it was a successful sail! Also, our crew had quite a fun time telling each other jokes, singing songs, and listing off all the mouth-watering foods we were craving from home. We all can’t wait for the new adventure that begins tomorrow!

P.S. This little sailor loves and misses you, Mom!