Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning began with a bright and early wake-up call at 6:30 to head back to Muskmelon Bay. We had bagels, cereal, and an assortment of other stuff for breakfast which led to a quick cleanup. Our first rotation was diving, and most of us are now certified, divers! There are still a few that need one more dive, but then they will be certified as well! We then moved onto zesting, in which Lauren and Jocelyn, Andrew and Trey, and Kalen and Sloane did some shredding around the anchorage. While they were going, the rest of us were just chilling and napping to prepare for the rest of the rotations. Then we came back to Shape Up for an amazing lunch of chicken quesadillas made by Shona. After lunch, we packed up and set sail for Cane Garden Bay while doing some sail training. Andrew, Kalen, Sloane, and I all took the helm today to work on some man overboard drills. Dinner is being made by Shona, Reed, and Jocelyn, with our guest of honor tonight being Carly. Later tonight will include a sail chat (and maybe a dance party before or after), some (surprise!) cake, and a movie!!