Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

If I had to sum up the day with one word (which I’m supposed to do, just with multiple words), I would call it crazy. Not just the hyper kind of crazy, but crazy good, crazy fun, just crazy awesome! We started the day off with a crazy windy breakfast of cereal flying all over, and after that, we split up into dinghies to go wakeboarding, waterskiing, and kneeboarding. I wasn’t that bad on the kneeboard! After that, we practiced driving the dinghies in figure 8s, as well as learned how to pick up something overboard and docking the dinghies. We all gathered back on MJ around 12ish to eat a tuna sandwich lunch. Afterward, we went on our first naturalist dive! It was off of dinghies at a site called “sand circles,” which was crazy cool. We took down fish ID cards to identify fish and coral, and we found a lot! The best part for lots of us was the foot race we had during the dive! Funny how slow we are without fins! We then went on a nice little hike to the windward side of the island and back. We then took showers and had crazy yummy burgers and potatoes dinner with Mike Meighan, and after the squeeze, we looked through postcards and had to find a few that described us as a person. We learned so much about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how we can all be better friends. We’re cleaning up a little bit tonight before our Lifeworks session at 8, and having a crazy good time just doing dishes! I heard someone here say that we are practically family now, even after just five days. In response to that, I would say that’s crazy true!