Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The boat had a great day today! We started off with a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and ceral. After that, we went to our different dive groups and did our two dives. The Barracudas did a check out dive and a boat dive and the Aquarius students did a check out dive and a peak performance boyance dive. Boths teams saw cool jellyfish and open water did some skills, then we reunited and had tuna salad and deli meat sandwiches, PBJ, and lots of snacks! We headed to the beach for several hours of windsurfing, wake boarding and water skiing. We also learned how to drive the dingies! After, we ate a dinner of chili, rice, and salad made by Sonya. We finished the day with brownies, made by Sonja and me!