Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at 7am to a breakfast that consisted of cereal and fruit. We were all in a rush because we had to be ready to snorkel by 8am. After breakfast we met up with the divemasters and got all of our snorkel gear. We snorkeled around the mangroves. There wasn’t much to look at but we did see a stingray, lobsters, pufferfish, and a lot of jellyfish. Shortly after snorkeling we went to the beach. While some practiced windsurfing others had some really cool conversations with staff. At noon we had mac and cheese for lunch with a couple of staff over as guests. For the second part of rotation day our group split into two with some going wakeboarding while others went waterskiing. This part was really fun because some of us got to go speedboating while others had really nice bonding moments with staff. By the time the rotation day was finished it was time for us to get ready for tonight’s BBQ. We had an issue with showering since our boat had run out of water. To solve this we refilled at a marina close by. Everyone is getting ready for the BBQ tonight. We are all pretty excited because we get to socialize with the other boats, dance, eat BBQ food, and just have a good time.