Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to a gorgeous day! Blue skies and warm and sunny! A perfect day for a rotation day! After we had breakfast, we learned how to make Turk’s Head bracelets! I had to restart my bracelet five times, but it was worth it! Our next rotation was waterskiing and wakeboarding. For the most part, I think everyone did a great job staying up and had fun! We then had a chicken sandwich for lunch then went diving! This was the Vega’s second open water dive (very exciting). We saw a ton of fish, including a stingray, barracuda, and much more! Vegas went 36 feet! Carinas went 70 feet deep but sadly did not see many fish. After a spectacular dive, we had a “vocational” chat, in which we learned about all of the amazing programs AQ has to offer! I can’t even pick one that sounds awful; they are all so interesting! After our chat, we started to motor our way over to Sommer’s Beach, where we will have a whole program BBQ and anchor there for the night. After dinner, we headed back to Magpie for a shower/dance party and then had a Lifeworks chat. A very exciting day, and now time to catch some zzzz’s. Can’t wait for another amazing AQ day!