Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an early wakeup in order to send off all our dirty laundry before starting the program. For breakfast, we had bagels and yogurt, and many of us shared our boxes of cereal we got a few days ago in Leverick Bay. Our first activity of the rotation day was sailing Zests, and it was tons of fun. Towards the end of the rotation period, we all organized a race that Charlie ended up winning, even though we are all pretty sure he cheated. After that, we all got a chance to relax and hang out on the boat before taking our scuba final exam. EVERYONE PASSED! For lunch, we had Tuscan white bean soup, and afterward, we all got geared up for our first open water dive. It was AMAZING! We saw a few nurse sharks, some squid, a baby octopus, and a ton of interesting fish. When we got back to the boat, we got to take ocean showers and then had a summer Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious. We will end the night with a sail chat talking about weather patterns and rights of way, and then it will be off to bed before a big day tomorrow.