Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We all woke up from our first successful night of sleeping. Forced to sleep in the cabinet because of the fear of a squall, a sense of comfort was pushed, and some were forced to find more creative places to sleep (like the kitchen counter). Today was a rotation day which was the first somewhat normal day. All of our covid tests came back negative, so after we get a rapid test tomorrow, we should be able to integrate with the rest of the fleet. Our first rotation at windsurfing was semi-successful, with most people falling, but it was nice to touch land after 3 days. After, we did our refresher dive because most people haven’t dived in a few years. A shallow refresher dive was definitely necessary to get the rust off. After we ate sandwiches for lunch, most consisting of Nutella and peanut butter, we wakeboarded. Rod even slalomed. Our last activity was learning how to drive to dinghies which was not hard. Finally, we went for a quick swim while also showering.