Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up and started the day off with cereal at Prickly Pear Island. Then, after cleaning up, we learned all about how to use an RDP chart for diving with Annie. A couple of hours later we dinghied to shore and Zested and windsurfed. Sarah and I Zested together and got stuck in between two sailboats. Then Leslie, Bella, Sarah, and I went kneeboarding for a while and had a ton of fun. After we were done with these activities, we headed to the boat for lunch. Shona had made a ton of grilled cheeses, and we drank a lot of Gatorade. After lunch, we snorkeled along the shore for about an hour. We all practiced our duck diving and saw a huge starfish and barracuda. After we went back to our boat, we got to take freshwater showers, which was really nice. Now we’re heading to Mountain Point. We’re having a lot of fun, and can’t believe seven days have all already gone by!