Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today our day started 6:30. We got woken up by some beach music. After we got all ready for the day, we ate oatmeal. Once we finished breakfast, we got on the dinghy and headed for the beach. At the beach, we started our first rotation day! A rotation day is when we rotate throughout several activities. The first activity we rotated through was our first scuba dive! We first had to break up into smaller groups of four campers and one instructor. Once we had all of our scuba gear on we headed under water and took our first breaths underwater. After scuba diving was sadly over we hopped on another dinghy back to our boat. At our boat, we all happily ate PB and J’s, Pringles and a variety of vegetables. We then quickly cleaned up lunch, in order to get to the next activity. The next activity for us was windsurfing. For many of us it was our first time, and it showed! Although we fell a lot it was still a huge highlight of the day. It was a ton of fun splashing around in the bright blue water with friends. After windsurfing we went on a dinghy and learned how to drive it. We then shifted to wakeboarding, waterskiing, and kneeboarding. Everyone got up at least once and some people were even able to go in and out of the wake. After our rotation was unfortunately over when we came back we got to take our first fresh water shower. Everyone felt so nice and clean afterwards. We then got ready to eat rice and chili for dinner. We all helped clean up after and now we are preparing to go to Lifeworks Forum. We do not know what that is yet but we will find out soon. We all can’t wait for tomorrow!