Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up early. We were up and had breakfast before any of the other boats. At first, we were all so tired from the dance the night before. The dance was really fun! The whole sail side B boats became friends and got to know each other a little. I’m glad I met people from the other boats because they are all nice. Anyway, it went until 11 am so we were all super tired in the morning. It was a rotation day today. First, we went sailing on the Rhodes 19 boats. It was fun because they aren’t as big as Tanis Marie, or as small as a Pico. They are right in the middle. After that, we did an activity called Beach Games. That was where we got to play volleyball on the beach. After playing volleyball, Linda taught us this really fun hand game called “waves.” We all sat in a circle with our hands in the middle and did a little wave with our hands with some extra added challenges. After that game, we went Picoing. Picos are tiny little sailboats that were so much fun to sail. My Pico partner was Tucker, and we didn’t do so well sailing-wise, but we still had tons of fun. We capsized our boat three times. It’s Mexican night tonight, and I’m kinda curious to see what this will be like on our boat. We also go to port tomorrow, and I’m excited.