Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

So today we had another rotation day and it was really fun!! Ok, that was really cheesy sounding, but it really was. The boat woke up at around 7am and ate a healthy breakfast of cereal and milk with fresh fruits (apples and oranges). Our first rotation was learning (or reviewing) how to read a recreational dive planner, or a RDP. An RDP is used to plan dives (obviously). Anyway, our second rotation was called Beach Games. That consisted of a boat-wide game of beach volleyball, as well as other games such as human knot, frisbee, and “what can you bring to the picnic?” Then we had a wonderful lunch of mac and cheese, which was followed by our third rotation: Picos. Ok, Picos were amazingly fun because they are basically mini sailboats. Picos are about 7-9 ft. long and ft about 2 people each. Our last and final rotation was Rhodes. Rhodes are sailboats bigger than the Picos, but smaller than the actual boat. Rhodes fit about 5-6 people and are about 19 feet long. Tonight we had our Heavy B. BBQ party where we all stuffed ourselves on hamburgers and hot dogs, along with side salads and sodas. The music was awesome, the food was awesome, everything in general was awesome. And that’s pretty much it for today. Let’s hope for clear skies tomorrow, yea?