Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After my first day as skipper, I feel more confident doing many activities, including driving the boat and setting up my scuba equipment. Our day started with an early morning of motoring the boat to Mountain Point. We got to eat our breakfast of bagels and fruit underway, which was a fun but sort of hectic experience. After we anchored (which I got to learn about and help with for the first time), we started on some knot practice. We learned 7 different knots, including the clove hitch and bowline knot. They were a little bit tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it, they were a lot of fun. While others were practicing their knots, Maren and I got to go for a dinghy ride to learn how to drive the dinghies. Vroom vroom! Afterward, about half of us got to try out waterskiing, while the other half did some swimming and flipping of the dinghies. While everyone else got to dry off, I got to see my sister, which I am super grateful for because I missed her so much. After, we got to eat a leftover pasta lunch of tortellini, Mac and cheese, and Alfredo. Once we finally finished cleaning the dishes from lunch (which took a while), we got to learn how to set up our diving gear in preparation for our first dive, which will come in two days! I got to put all of the gear together by myself in front of everyone, which made me a little nervous, but when I finally finished, it was really awesome. After we were all done for the day, we got to take a Hibiclens freshwater shower which made me feel very clean. After dinner, we got to celebrate Maren’s 13th birthday. We got to eat a birthday cake, which was really yummy. Overall, the day was very eventful, and I am really looking forward to tomorrow!