Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Waking up at Mountain Point this morning, I couldn’t believe we have all been together for ten whole days already, but I also feel like we’ve all known each other forever. Some daily activities, such as saltwater showers, that seemed so strange at first now feel totally natural. As ever-smiling Alexa told me the other day, it’s going to feel so weird to be inside to shower when I get home. Shower time, like post-meal cleanup and every other possible chance since the shipmates bartered an auxiliary cable off another staff member, has been accompanied by music. Tyler and Skylar are by far our biggest DJs though their taste in music ranges from Avril Lavigne and electronic remixes to rap such as A$AP Rocky. Our days have been filled with sailing to new locations and rotation days on which the shipmates rotate through various activities. Diego and Ella are always the first to jump to the occasion when I ask who wants to take the helm next. Morgan has really gotten the hang of figuring out where we are on the chart plotter as we plan our route and keeping track of depths as we get close to shore to anchor. During rotation days, Picos (small dingy sailboats) has been a huge hit. We held a relay race our last rotation day during which Skylar and Salome came to the rescue of their team by making a huge comeback. Much to my personal delight, windsurfing has also been a hit. I’ve never before had every single shipmate get to the point where they could go where they wanted or start tacking on the first day as Gino did. Our rotation days have also included skills on our big sailboats, including man overboard. The fenders we threw overboard as men overboard came close to being run over a few times but were recovered in good time. Tash, in particular, kept calm under pressure and luffed up at exactly the right time. Mitch became our go-to for catching the fender with the boat hook, and Astrid kept pointing at the man overboard longer than anyone else and had the closest approximates on the distance to him. Every day holds many other daily routines and responsibilities, such as preparing and cleaning up after meals and maintaining the boat’s systems. Everyone rotates through these activities, but some take a particular interest in one or the other. I’ve come down below at the end of the day to find Alex with a to-do list of things we needed to check on the engine and generator (oil, fuel level, coolant level, raw water filters). From the moment they wake up to the moment, they fall asleep the crew on Rossi II are ready for everything and anything they are presented with, helping each other through every challenge and celebrating every fun time and accomplishment.