Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up in the morning and made pancakes while the staff was at a meeting. When they came back we motored over to White Bay at Guana Island. When we got there Anthony and I convinced Jake to build the rope swing. We had to raise the boom and extend it over the side of the boat. Once it was set, we swung for hours and got a bunch of videos. I learned how to backflip off it and did other flips. Other boats in the fleet were even coming over to use our swing. After the rope swing, we did sail training and did a bunch of man overboard drills, whose were surprisingly really fun. Now we’re in another cool cove called Muskmelon Bay where every other ActionQuest boat is. We’re watching the sun go down while we’re waiting for dinner. By far one of my favorite days of this trip.