Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Last night we decided to sleep on the back deck and woke up to pouring rain and wind. All of us were soaked and hungry, and we woke up a half-hour earlier than we needed to. For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs and muffins while we dried off and celebrated Davis’s birthday. Davis got a ton of birthday wishes on the radio, and we all bonded before she blew out her candle. We all finished our chores and washed down the deck after we helped clean up. Today was the first day we all finally felt comfortable together, and the storms during sailing only made us stronger. Later that morning, we set sail, and Kackie taught us all the tips and tricks on how to navigate, control the sail, and steer the boat. All of us fell asleep at some point during our 6-hour sail, and we fought seasickness and encouraged each other. After we arrived at Savannah Bay, hours later, we went for our second swim and laughed together while splashing and jumping in the water. We took our second ocean shower and ate too many Pringles and swallowed so much salt water. Even though it is only the third day, we all feel so close already and I couldn’t choose better ship mates.