Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started early when a rainstorm rudely awakened the sleeping crew members that were staying aboard. Once everyone was awake, and the array of hammocks were disassembled and stowed away, we started our sail to the first dive site. During the sail, the crew had some bagels, and once those were finished, the first round of naps started. With over half the crew resting their heads wherever they could find, the Tropicool would shortly reach the first dive site. After the dive gear was set up, the dolphins started their first lesson with an intro to ID-ing fish, while the Neptune started reviewing the three basic skills of diving. After everyone was up and out on the water, they started to make PB and Js for lunch, while others chose a delicious ranch sandwich instead. After lunch was done, the Tropicool started its second journey to a place to do water sports. If the sail over to this new place could be called a rocky, it would be an understatement; while drawers and cabinets opened and other items falling over, still, half the crew started to nap, with two people sleeping throughout the whole ride over. To end the day, the crew indulged themselves in a pasta Alfredo.