Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up at around 6:45. Some people woke up later as we started to get breakfast going and got underway to go to Road Town. Breakfast was oatmeal and cereal, and as soon as we finished, we got underway. As we approached Road Town, we docked with all the other Dive Side boats, including Tropicool, Aqua Marine, and Sweet Spot. After catching up with friends from other boats and planning some potential pranks, (that never actually happen), we got on shoes and masks to headed into Road Town to get COVID tests. Once our brains were tickled, we got some shore time on the island. Most people went to a small cafe called Omar’s where they got drinks and some brunch-type food. I heard from Amélie that the coffee is very good there. We then spent some time at the local grocery store and the local small businesses. Some people bought shirts from one of the small businesses. Afterward, it was time to head back to the boat and get underway. We started heading to Grand Harbor Peter, and we sailed for most of the way there! The mainsail got up, and we kept it up for a while. Once we arrived at GHP, we picked up a mooring ball and went on a research dive for our research projects. My group’s project is based on jellyfish, but we hadn’t had much luck seeing jellyfish until today. We saw a lot of different species of jellyfish, including a massive Moon Jelly, towards the end of our dive! We had to surface before we could observe it more, but we got some great pictures. It was about 4 pm after the dive, and we took showers. After getting into some dry clothes, the chefs started prepping dinner, which was Mexican Night. Everyone else took about an hour to chill and talk on the hardtop before we moved across the anchorage. When we got to the other side, we rafted with Tropicool, which basically means that our starboard side of the boat is tied to their port side. We will stay like this tonight for the whole night. Sort of like a sleepover with another boat 🙂 Once we were safely tied onto Tropicool, we ate our amazing Mexican food thanks to our chefs, Uma and Alex. After dinner was Squeeze and cleanup along with listening to some tunes. We are now working on our papers for our projects as we will present them within the next few days!

Pictured: Teddy and Jay setting up a transect; Alex surveying the reef; Uma being graceful underwater; Zara on the helm; the aforementioned moon jelly