Location: The Bight, Norman Island

As we were awakened today to the soon of “help my buddy!!!” we jumped up to see what the cause of the distress was – one of our crew members was ready to jump in! However, it was thankfully just a rescue scenario for the students on the other boat. We had a relaxing morning and started on our way to Road Town. We gaze out on the ocean deep and dark, but also beautiful and majestic as the capital came into view. The girls raced to Pussers to buy matching sweatshirts while the boys bought nine tubs of peanut butter. After returning to Pure Joy to tell our beloved guardians that we didn’t die, we set sail. I took a nap for 2 hours. My time has made me enjoy and appreciate nap time so much. We arrived at our anchorage, and the chefs tried to make rice and beans and hotdogs with about 89% success. We cleaned our dishes while watching the stunning sunset. I am currently writing this blog while everyone else jokes around. As our time on our beloved vessel and at AQ comes to a close, we ponder what we will do when we get home and who we will miss.

P.S. Mother and Father, I love and miss you very much. I expect the AC on and a plate of homemade cookies waiting for me when I see you soon!

P.P.S God Save the Queen