Location: The Bight, Norman Island

I thought I could get through the night in the hammock without getting soaked… but the heavens had no mercy. It didn’t ruin my morning, though. In a weird way, I laughed at my misfortune and us hammock sleepers cursing mother nature. Soon after breakfast, we said hello to fish as we completed our last fish ID dive- we are now advanced divers! Travel home day is soon approaching, and so cleanup is on our minds. We scrubbed the heads and folded our clothes. The boat is looking spotless. Because it’s almost leaving time, we are thinking of our boat bucket list items. Shall we prank another boat? Shall we do a backflip off the dinghy? Do donuts with the boat? Anyways, we arrived in Road Town to have lunch and pick up items from the market. I ate a cajun chicken sandwich. Now we are just chilling. The boys are playing Coup. Ok, that’s all for now. I have to go eat a mountain of snacks before we depart. Also happy 4th. Maybe we’ll see fireworks off of St. Thomas tomorrow.