Location: The Bight, Norman Islands

Today was quite interesting. Not only did we get to do our first open water dive as certified divers, but we also had the opportunity to become certified sailors. We started with an early 6:15 wake up and cereal with cold milk. After the cereal we set sail. We made our way over to Salt Island for possibly the best dive of the trip. We set up our gear and jumped on in. Not only was this the coolest dive for us Vegas, but it was also the deepest at 60 ft. We saw all sorts of fish, from puffer fish to lion fish. While the Vegas were diving the Questers had the opportunity to go turtle tagging. I don’t know much about turtle tagging but they came back all smiles so I guess they had fun. After the turtle tagging and diving, we had to take the dreaded sailing test. As Kat is handing them out, everyone is still trying to cram all the sailing info into their heads. We hope we passed; all of our hopes are high. After this, we went sailing over to where we began our trip.