Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

This morning we were woken up to both clear skies and clear seas. The crystal clear, glass-like water, a beautiful image to wake up to. After gobbling breakfast, we set sail, with 2 cups of tea in my left-hand 2nd the steering wheel in my right we cruised over to the Rhone. This 65-75 ft sunken liner was just as breathtaking the second time around. For the Dolphins this was a fun dive, but for us Neptunes, this was one of our wreck certification dives, so we cruised it to perfect our mapping skills. The dive ran smoothly, aside from losing two pencils and an underwater camera…don’t panic, the camera was found eventually! After this, we went ashore for our first hike of the trip. The views were spectacular from the pinnacle of the cliff, and it is an image we won’t easily forget. The afternoon was fairly laid back, the Dolphins practiced underwater photography, and we had two fun dives followed by wakeboarding. Wakeboarding was fairly successful, the Venezuelans stole the show, but Quinlin and I managed to break three seconds standing. Impressive! Today’s quote of the day proposed the idea one shouldn’t live in the future or the past, but live every moment as it comes and treats each moment as a miracle. I think we will all agree that this is very easy to achieve during this trip as it is truly miraculous.