Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an amazing day, and I am proud to say I was the skipper for one of the best days so far. The day started with a quick cereal breakfast and a windy motor to Salt Island. There, we dove the famed RMS Rhone, a giant shipwreck just off the coast of Salt Island. The second we reached our maximum depth, we instantly began to see tons of beautiful sea life. From triggerfish to lobsters, our dive was stunning and full of life. After we finished our dive, we motored to the island and began our annual hike up Salt Island. The view from the top was nothing short of breathtaking. Once back aboard Love of my Life, we devoured a delicious Tuscan white bean soup lunch by our own master chef Blair. After cleanup, we had a beautiful sail back to GHP, and we began our dives. Our first dive was designed to test our abilities to successfully assist a panicked diver while underwater. The dive went swimmingly, and we proceeded to have an unofficial snack time. Suddenly, in the middle of snack time, Sam, our skipper, jumped a rescue scenario on us. Two scuba tanks decided to go scuba diving, and they needed emergency services from our rescue divers in training. We sprung into action and saved the helpless scuba tanks before they ran out of air. Everything went perfectly. Soon after, we ate a delicious dinner, and now we are all working on our dive manuals before the 7:30 lecture. As I am writing this, manta rays are surfacing and feeding, so I have to wrap this up. Today was awesome, and thanks mom and dad for this amazing experience, and please keep my puppy safe!