Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we began our day by waking up early to set sail from Great Harbor toward Salt Island, a picturesque group of conjoined hills with a rocky outcropping to the side. From this outcropping, the vessel RMS Rhone sank after trying to escape a hurricane over 100 years ago, and it was that vessel that we dove too. On our dive, we were fortunate enough to witness hundreds of tropical fish swimming among the multicolored coral that covered the remains of the vessel. Following the dive, we in Vega took and passed the IYT yachting exam. Following this, we proceeded to eat a lunch of noodles and salad while the divemasters explored the lower depths of the wreck of the Rhone in their first solo dive of the session. After the divemasters had returned and lunch had been finished, we left the boat for a hike of the hills of Salt Island. Atop these hills we were treated to stunning views and between the peaks the sun pokes through the diverse plants and flowers, ranging from a lovely tree bearing beautiful flowers with layered petals, to prickly pear cacti usually seen in the great American desserts in Nevada and New Mexico. After our trip to Salt Island, we sailed a few hours toward Peter Island. Once there the divemasters took the second and final part of their exam, and are continuing to do so at the time of this writing. Tomorrow we look toward day 19 of our trip and also by association my birthday!