Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We had an early morning wake up today, but it was warranted. Today was the day that we dove the world-famous Rhone shipwreck. We set sail around 6:30 am and ate cereal on the way to the dive site. Once we arrived, we geared up and jumped in. The first evidence of the wreck that I saw was the anchor. From then on, beautiful fish and coral appeared from all angles. Throughout the dive, I was trying to figure out which parts of the boat I was looking at, but it was so overgrown by coral that it was impossible. The amazing ecosystem that had formed as a result of such a tragic accident forced me to reflect on how there is a silver lining for everything. After the dive, we chilled on the boat for a bit and then made our way to Salt Island for a short hike. At that point, all of us were exhausted, so while we were underway to The Bight at Norman Island, pretty much all of us took a nap. After we anchored, we relaxed, played games, and listened to music until dinner. It was a great day.