Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The morning started at 2:30 am as eight sneaky girls, and two staff members hopped in a dinghy. The previous day we had bought food dye. We had our sights set on Sambamba, Moko Jumbie, Portlandia, Happy Our, and Luna Kahuna. We had the food dye ready and put it in their dairy products. Happy Our got their hand sanitizer dyed yellow and their milk dyed green. When we arrived back on our boat at 4 am, we had a two-hour nap before waking up to cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, I got my turn at driving the boat with Mel’s which was so much fun! Once at the dive site, we dove wreck alley, which was a favorite of everyone on board. During our safety stop, we ate chicken salad and spent the early afternoon either doing scenarios (Rescues), cleaning the barnacles (Dolphins) or diving (Neptunes). After our second dive, and my favorite dive, Blue Chromis reef, we took showers and sailed to GHP. During dinner, we noticed Happy Our climbing up a hill making goat sounds. Immediately we knew that a goat might be boarding Pure Joy later. Luckily, that didn’t happen, but we are still preparing to be pranked. Now the Dolphins are preparing for their presentations and the Rescues and Neptunes for their tests. After that, we have planned to stay up in honor of our last night with our beloved shipmate Hannah before she leaves for a family vacation.