Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was slow and easy compared to yesterday’s races. We woke up a bit later than normal and waltzed up to the companionway for an array of pancakes. We all had the choice of normal pancakes, chocolate chip, banana, or chocolate and banana. Most of us had three, but some of us (including myself) had four or five because they were just that good! After our dishies washed all of our plates, forks, batter bowls, ladles, and pans, Greg picked us up in groups to go kneeboarding for the last time. While some of us ate the other half of us read, most of us for the first time this trip! It was great. Once the boat was cleaned and ready to operate, I was given the task to motorsail the boat- mainly independently- to Road Town. We spent about two hours there before we sailed back to Peter Island. We showered, ate, then taught each other how to dance. Having a simple bonding time with the whole boat was nice. We talked to Tanis Marie a little; then I left to do my last night dive for my certification. Overall this day has just been fun and amazing!