Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

My day started when I woke up at 3 am to find out that my hammock had turned into a small swimming pool. I quickly rushed to take it down and get out of the rain. I managed to find another place to sleep in the salon where I got a few more hours of sleep. We were awoken at about 6:45 to begin the day. Before anyone knew it, we raised anchor and headed out so we could get a good mooring buoy at Wreck Alley. Once we arrived, we went on our first official boat dive. One the dive we saw a sunken tug boat, two barracudas, and two large southern stingrays. It was awesome. After the dive, we headed out for Savannah Bay. On the way, under sail, we reached a top speed of 9.3 knots. About halfway through the ride, I, as well as most of my other shipmates, thought it would be a good time for a nap. And what a good nap it was!