Location: Marina Cay

Yesterday evening we received the wonderful news that we, as the Divemaster boat, had the day off today! This means we didn’t have to help lead the younger shipmates on their rotation day. That being said, we all relished in sleeping into practically midday – 6:45 am! We had a leisurely morning listening to music and eating some spectacular pancakes courtesy of Allissa. She had made so many that we brought Haynes, the staff member on Under Pressure who fills our tanks, our extras. Later, we split up. Some of us helped with the cleanup, others did their skills to get those done, and we finished up out knowledge reviews for Chapter 9 in preparation for our final exam. Later we got to enjoy a fun dive at the Seal Dogs which none of us had dived before. Molly and I saw a spotted drum fish, spotted moray eel and some beautiful angelfish. After our dive, we motored to Marina Cay for water and then Trellis Bay, where we satisfied our cravings for fries and pineapple drinks. As for tonight, we’ve found ourselves back at Marina Cay where we get to close out our day off with a staff gathering with, hopefully, plenty of desserts that we can munch. We’re opting for something cold, maybe ice cream! But honestly, I think simply ice would be enough. If you haven’t been able to tell, today has been particularly hot. Tomorrow our busy days continue. Luckily, the view from our “office” can’t get much better than this.