Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Hello friends and family, here is the daily update of what happened on Sweet Spot. The staff happened to have a meeting this morning, allowing us to all sleep in a little bit which we were all appreciative of. Breakfast was made to order, and chefs Dylan and Preston prepared a variety of foods, including scrambled eggs, fried eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, and a lot more. The staff returned from their meeting at around 11:00 am, and we were underway to Mountain Point to dive the Kraken, a very cool shipwreck. Even though we were able to sleep in a little bit, almost everyone used the ride over to Mountain Point to take their daily nap, including Natalie, Ben, Dylan, and Julia. When we arrived, we all ate lunch and took the dingy over to Aquamarine to finally get into the water. Today was one of the first times Neptune’s and Rescue’s dove together as Harley and Alexis joined Ben, Preston, and Fernando, and the rest of the rescues grouped up and dove together. There was a lot of life down there, and Alexis even saved Preston from swimming straight into a brown jellyfish. After the dive, we sailed over to Muskmelon Bay, which was a long, but quite entertaining ride. The crew had a lot of bonding time, including card games and figuring out what fruit, color, condiment, and cereal people represented. It was a long and rainy ride over. Luckily the rain stopped, and we finally reached Muskmelon bay. The Neptune’s prepared for their third and final night dive by snorkeling the site and were joined by Natalie, Julia, Ryan, and Brabee. We ate a great dinner of Chili and rice prepared by Dylan, Preston, and Julia. After dinner, all of the Neptunes and the rescues named above hopped into the water for a quick night dive. As we sat on the surface, waiting to descend, some huge tarpon swam by our feet. We descended, and one of the skills included putting our lights to our chest adjusting us to the pitch-black ocean. While on our night dive Cara prepared an apple crumble in the oven for us. We are now preparing for the squeeze and to enjoy a warm and delicious apple crumble. My question for squeeze is, what is your dream creature to see while diving? I can’t wait to listen to everyone’s answers. So there’s the daily report, and you’ll hear from Julia tomorrow. See ya!