Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

As the sun comes up, I check at my watch constantly, trying to set the most sleep for the crew and waking them up at 6:15 for an amazing race. We are first to wake up to have our sailing preparations done faster than the other catamarans. After a while, Boss Lady manages to raise its mainsail first, and pressure enters our boat making us faster and more efficient. We follow second, and the other boats after us. We sail for about 10 minutes until we realize there is no real starting line and that the race has started. Boss Lady pulled in the mainsail to terminate the “race” at our next dive location, and we came in 3rd place. The dive site was great, probably the best I’ve ever seen. After a great dive we had lunch, and later the Neptunes like me went to an equipment lecture. Dolphins and Barracudas were allowed to do a fun dive. We showered and set motor for Cane Garden Bay where we refilled our water tanks and got rid of our trash. Dinner was finally ready, and we enjoyed a nice Thai peanut chicken meal. My squeeze question of the day was “do you believe in aliens, why or why not?” I was surprised to see about 85 percent of people believed in aliens. After this irrelevant squeeze, everyone went to Boss Lady to watch a movie. By 9:30 we were all back on our boat, and we got ready to end the day and start an exciting new one tomorrow.