Location: Great Harbor, Peter

This morning we started our day with oatmeal and ate underway. We headed to the port which was West End, Tortola (where we started our trip). All the AQ kids were strolling along the docks, roaming into stores and eating lunch at either Pusser’s or this really good breakfast place next to Pusser’s. After we got back to our boats, Aftica III and Grand Cru had a race from West End to Great Harbor, Peter which lasted about 2 and a half hours! Grand Cru won, but it was so fun! We had about 30 knots of wind! We finally got here, and it started raining, so our afternoon dive got canceled. Also, tonight is Mexican Night. Vlad and David were chefs. Once we finally finished cleaning up Mexican Night, we chilled and waited for our cake to finished baking. Some went on an extra night dive too. Overall it was a fun and exciting day, and we’re all sad that the end of our trip is nearing. But we all loved it!