Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Day 9, and as much as I want to say its hot, sunny, and brilliant weather for tanning…I can’t because today had been cloudy, wet, and just plain rainy! But on a more positive side diving the RMS Rhone was incredible, the early version of the steamboat was sunk in the 1800’s, and only 18 people survived. The amount of fish and coral gave us a great chance to try out our underwater photography skills…some of which still need practice! We’ll all get there! After the dive, we sailed to pick up two shipmates from the clinic, then straight back to GHP (Great Harbour, Peter Island) where we snorkeled our night dive site. We saw quite a few sea urchins though and some squids too! Dinner was a chicken Caesar salad which tasted incredible, but then again we are all always hungry, so we’d eat anything right now! Finally getting ready for our night dive where we will have our navigation test, scary stuff! You know, no matter how many night dives you do, (1, 4, or 8), it’s still scary. Well, that’s all from Panasea!