Location: White Bay, Peter Island

This morning we woke up bright and early to roosters crowing and the early morning sunshine. After a breakfast of cereal, everyone finished doing check-ins and getting their dive gear. At 8:00 we had a dock talk with Mike about safety and guidelines such as drinking plenty of water and how to properly use the heads. Soon the boats started leaving one by one from the harbor at West End to head out to open sea. Since I was skipper today, I helped Sam steer the boat while also refreshing our memories on how to tie knots. After about 15 practice tries, I think I finally remember how to tie a bowline knot. Soon we let out the sails, turned off the engine and let the wind do the work as we headed to Peter Island. After a relaxing 3 hour sail with lunch in the middle, we reached our destination. The 14 of us on Boss Lady then had to take a quick swim test by swimming around the boat four times then treading water for 10 minutes. Once we had all finished, we got geared up for our check out dive. Sam gave us a briefing then we paired up into dive buddies and jumped in. Once we reached the bottom, Sam led us through some skills such as fin pivot, hover, reg removal and recover, and mask flood and clear. We then did a buddy ascent to finish off the dive. Afterward, we had some free time to relax and take showers. Dinner is going to be Sloppy Joe’s and corn. Then we’ll have a dive chat with all of dive side so we can meet the other boats! It was a great first full day in the BVI!