Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Well I guess I will start with last night because that is when this day’s story begins. After a great and filling dinner we settled down for the night to sleep. Unfortunately it started to rain and the wind picked up. Everyone was forced inside to avoid getting wet. It got a little cozy in the boat, but we made it through okay. Our plans to eat and clean before the 7:30 anchor up time. Our group dynamic and teamwork surprised both me and skipper Michael. We pulled up and set off just on time. We didn’t raise the sail on the way to the dive site for weather reasons. The rain was so heavy I needed glasses to see where I was going. However that didn’t stop many of the shipmates from standing on the bow and enjoying the rain. Once we got to the dive site we got diving really fast. Both diving groups saw rays and one saw a turtle and the other saw a lionfish. We ate lunch and set off again and as we did the rain, which had stopped during lunch, started up again. The wind sped up to 30 knots and we raised the sails. The waves were high, but we made it to our final stop in one piece and happy. Once we came to a full stop we had a community shower / swimming time. We started dinner and soon had a delectable pasta Alfredo to eat. Despite what is considered “bad” weather, we had a fantastic day.