Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started with everybody waking up to heavy rains. This rain is out of the norm, as most rain showers last for a few minutes, but this one lasted for a few hours which was a good time for everyone to get to know each other better. We played a few games, one of which was similar to Slap Jack, but instead of slapping Jacks we slapped 7s. We also played B.S. which is a game where you lie about your cards. After we finished a few rounds, we had our first sail chat where we talked about many things related to boating. Afterward, we set up and disassembled a dive kit where everyone had to set up and connected the tubes, tank, and buoyancy control device (aka the bcd). When everyone was done with this, we ate lunch which consisted of mac and cheese. Soon after the rain started to stop and we set out from Marina Cay and Sailed to Savannah Bay. I got to drive the boat while conversing with my fellow shipmates. The topics carried from sailing to music. On the way to Savanna Bay, we joined up with a few other ActionQuest boats and formed a line all the way to the bay. Once we arrived in the bay, we went swimming and had a diving contest. Soon after, we organized the cabins while dinner was cooking. Once finished with dinner we had a scuba chat we talked about safety and how to stay safe.